December 6th, 2002

Steam Escaping!

Firday Quiz

1. Which country owns the Dodecanese Islands?

2. Etymology is the study of what?

3. Who wrote the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" - was
it Keats, Wordsworth or Tennyson?

4. William Dukenfield was the real name of which American
comedy film-star?

5. Tagliatelle is a kind of pasta. Is it shaped in curls,
tubes or narrow ribbons?

6. Which composer wrote "Rhapsody in Blue" and "An American
in Paris"?

7. Is Vilnius the capital of Armenia, Lithuania or Hungary?

8. In which year did the Spanish Civil War begin?

9. Kirsch or Kirschwasser is a liqueur distilled from which

10. Name three of the four official languages of Belgium.
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