December 31st, 2002

Steam Escaping!


6-10 "recreational user"
You're okay, but it's a close thing. You wonder how the hell people ever managed to arrange their social life before 1997. In conversations, you say "hmm" and "uh-huh" and appear to be listening but in fact you're text messaging with a fireman from Biggleswade under the table.


seethru calculates that you are 36 % an ageing hypocrite

other results of interest
64.56 % of people who think there is a God also drink herbal tea
27.07 % of people who turn down drugs have unprotected sex
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Steam Escaping!


Oh yeah, by the way, jsut thought I should mention.... Metroid Prime, for the game cube, is the best 1player shooter I have ever played, bar none. It leaves Halo in the dust, and I never thought I'd say that about a shooter on a console.

Gamecube was a good buy.
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Steam Escaping!

Lord Vader, you make a great new icon =)
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