January 31st, 2003

Steam Escaping!

Silly Profiler Forwards

I normally hate these things, but I'm in a spacey mood atm, so mebbe this will help...

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* flown on a plane: yes..
* ever been so drunk you blacked out: yup
* missed school because it was raining: not that i know of
* told a girl that you liked them?: yup
* put a body part on fire for amusement: well, not the part persay... the alchohol substance coating the hand, yes...but that is not the same thing as starting your hand itself on fire.
* had a crush on a friends girlfriend:yeah, once, nothing came of it though
* dated someone for over a year: couple times
* been hurt emotionally: yup
* kept a secret from everyone: yup
* wanted to hook up with a friend: hmm, maybe? yes, i guess...
* cried during a movie?: nope
* ever thought an animated character was hot?: yup... the dark elf chick from Lodoss was a hottie
* gotten into a physical fight?: yeah
* been on stage: unfortunately
* cut your hair: heh, not recently
* had crush on a teacher? nope

5 things you wear daily:
1. earrings
2. glasses
3. deoderant
4. cologne
5. pants

5 movies you'd watch over & over:
1. Any of the Orig SWARS Trilogy
2. Any of the Indiana Jones movies
3. Most anything Anime (Vampire Hunter D & Redux, Ghost in the Shell, Monoke, Iria, etc etc)
4. The Quiet Man
5. Anything by Kurosawa

5 objects you touch every day:
1. my glasses
2. pants
3. deoderant
4. cologne
5. my g/f (any day i'm lucky that is)

5 things you do every day:
1. breathe (yeah continued breathing is good)
2. Wake up (another one of those continued life functions)
3. eat and drink (wohoo metablism still working)
4. Put on glasses, pants, deoderant etc (not nec in that order)
5. Throw something away.

2 things you can't live without:
1. Hydrogen Dioxide
2. Plain ol Oxygen

5 things you are doing right now:
1.Listening to Tori Amos
2. Wasting Time
3. Chatting Online
4. Developing an Internet Application
5. Drafting an Email about stupid websites

2 things you ate in the last 24 hours:
1. oatmeal cookie
2. jamacan beef pattie

5 thoughts in your head:
1. Wake/Funeral situations suck
2. People who use Quark to make webpages, with no HTML knowledge, should not be given FTP access.
3. "Gotta be free... ::bass beat:: Gotta be free...
4. Why is today going so slowly?
5. I hope Richelle feels better tomorrow.

10 things you like about your mate/or like in a mate:
1. She likes my cooking ( =) )
2. She knows a lot about stuff I'm only topical on, and is not overly bored all the time when I drone on and on about the things I'm _not_ topical about.
3. She doesn't mind driving my stupid ass all over the place.
4. She is totally beautiful... a good freind as well as mate, which is IMO one of the most important things.
5. She is enthusastic about life, but not so much that it overrides the lazy days.
6. She loves her dog, and is really cute when she babies him.
7. She's funny, and thinks I'm funny... its rare that both things coincide.
8. She doesn't mind doing dishes (one of the thigns I hate most in life)
9. A smile and a wink from her gets me going.. the effort on her part to be attractive is hardly needed.
10. She is a GEEK!

5 things you want to do this year: (in no particular order)
1. get through another 50 pages of my research
2. Get rid of EQ
3. See a live concert
4. Meet Richelle's Family
5. Lose some weight

5 objects in your room you love:
1.my g/f
2.My horse sculpture
3.my bed...its hard to find a compfy bed as a big person
4.Marley's silly little dog bed
5.The carpet Richelle and I picked out (20 dallah! what a steal!)

1) Last dream: not fun
2) Last car ride: richelle picking me up at the train yesterday
3) Last kiss: this morning
4) Last person you kissed: Richelle
5) Last good cry: long time ago
6) Last Missing Library Book: never lost one that i know of.
7) Last movie seen: the end of Ocean's 11
8) Last Book Read: The Tower of Babel
9) Last curse word uttered: fuck!
10) Last beverage drank: coke
11) Last Food consumed: oatmeal cookie
12) Last Crush: Chelle
13) Last phone call: NetIQ software
14) Last TV show watched: The Simpsons
15) Last Item Bought: oatmeal cookie
16) Last time showered: last night
17) Last shoes worn: merrel rock climbing thingers
18) Last CD played: my work/truckin mp3cd
19) Last MP3 Downloaded:johnny cash - personal jesus.mp3
20) Last annoyance: see last phonecall
21) Last disappointment: my brother's recent activities
22) Last soda drank: sierra mist
23) Last thing written: an email to boss
24) Last key used: office key.
25) Last word spoken: ok
26) Last trip to the bathroom: this morning sometime
27) Last sleep: last night
28) Last IM: jeffbeck13
29) Last song you listened to: Future sound of London - Cascade.mp3
30) Last time you yelled at someone: see #13
31) Last weird encounter: ben stein on GCT on Halloween
32) Last Store Shopped at: Liqor Store
33) Last ice cream eaten: Butter Pecan
34) Last time amused: not too long ago
35) Last time wanting to die: last migraine
36) Last time in love: chuckle...what a silly question
37) Last time hugged: this morning
38) Last time kissed on the cheek: this morning
39) Last time humped: um, if they mean the receptive aspect of the verb, never... if they mean the active, i dunno... i would need a clearer specification of use
40) Last time scolded: a while ago
41) Last time resentful: not too long ago
42) Last chair sat in: Computer chair
43) Last lipstick used: Johnson & Johnson lip-balmy stuff
44) Last underwear worn: dark tartan
45) Last bra worn: n/a
46) Last shirt worn: red mock-tneck
47) Last class attended: CF training about a year ago
48) Last Final taken: heh, loong ago
49) Last time dancing: Sara's wedding
50) Last poster looked at: Rolex ad on the train
51) Last concert attended: Ani DiFranco, central park, June
52) Last webpage visited: MSSM.edu

1. Name: Bernard
2. Name Backwards: Dranreb
3. Does your name mean anything? Son of the Bear
4. Were you named after anyone? Yeah, 5 generations of the eldest son of a generation.
5. Nickname(s): B, Bern, Bernie, B-Dog
6. Screen Name(s): Aesmodeus, Aerthsaga, BlaqHeart, Sonoftheserpent (thats all you are getting)
7. Date of Birth: 02.24.1978
8. Place of Birth: Manhattan NY
9. Nationality: Half-Ecuadorian, rest is mutt with major mongrels being scotch-irish
10. Current Location: Mount Vernon… Westchester… New York
11. Sign: Pisces
12. Religion: is the root of man's discontent.
13. Height: 6'3"
14. Weight: 260somthein
15. Shoe size: 12.5 W
16. Hair Color: black-red
17. Eye Color: brown
18. Innie/Outie: Innie
19. Righty/Lefty/Ambidextrous: right-ambi
20. Gay/Straight/Bi/Other: straight

Do You Have ...

32. Any sisters? 1
33. Any brothers? 1
34. Any pets? Dog, by valance
35. A disease? Repeat Female Desire Siyndrome
36. A pager? on my phone
37. A personal phone number? cellphone
38. A leather jacket with studs? not since it bought it in a fight
39. A heroin needle? heh, nope
40. A pool or hot tub? pool (as part of the apt)
41. A car? yeah, not driveable, but yeah

Describe Your...

42. Personality: Overbearing
43. Car: 2000 Chevy Cavalier
45. Shoes: Black, beat up
46. School: hard knoicks =)
47. Bed: Wood-framed queen size
48. Relationship with parent(s): better than it ever has been (Scarily)

Do You...

49. Believe in yourself? I am a self-agnostic
50. Believe in love at first site? Yup
51. Consider yourself a good listener? What was the question?
52. Consider yourself a good friend? I try to be.
53. Save email conversations? Yeah
54. Pray? Nope
55. Believe in reincarnation? I did in my last life, but not this one
56. Like to make fun of peoples? yup
57. Like to talk on the phone? eh, phones are overrated, unless your g/f is in another time zone
58. Like to drive? love it
59. Get motion sickness? occasionally
60. Eat the stems of broccoli? yes
61. Eat chicken fingers with a fork? chopsticks stupid lound eye
62. Dream in color? sometimes
63. Type with your fingers on home row? home row? what, you tryin to start somethin punk ass?
64. Sleep with a stuffed animal? not since i was a kid
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Steam Escaping!

Gung Hey Fat Choy


The celebration actually starts on New
Year's Eve with the reunion dinner. By New Year’s Eve, you should have
done the following:

  • Clean the entire home to get
    rid of all the things that are associated with the old year.

  • Put away all brooms and

  • Pay all your debts.

  • Resolve differences with
    family members, friends, neighbors and business associates.

  • Buy the following:

    - red money envelopes

    - oranges and/or tangerines

    - circular candy tray

    - flowers (especially plum
    blossom, peach blossom, water lily)

    - a new set of clothes and
    shoes for children, preferably something red or orange.

  • Get new dollar bills from
    the bank. Insert the new dollar bills into the red envelopes. Now the
    red envelope is called a lee see or lucky money envelope.

  • (note: Very few modern
    families follow all the "cleaning" traditions.)


  • Get together with close
    family members (not including married daughters and their families)
    for the "reunion" dinner.

  • Pay respect to ancestors and
    household gods. Acknowledge the presence of ancestors because they are
    responsible for the fortunes of future generations.

  • Open every door and window
    in your home at midnight to let go of the old year.



  • Decorate your home with
    symbols of good fortune. Here are some suggestions:

    - Colors: Bright red
    (happiness); gold/orange (wealth & happiness).

    - Fruits: Oranges and
    tangerines (good health & long life); tangerines with leaves
    intact (long lasting relationships; fruitful and multiply as in having
    children); persimmons (happiness and wealth).

    - Circular candy tray
    (candy for sweet and circular for togetherness).

    - Flowers: If flowers bloom
    on New Year’s Day, it will be a prosperous year.

    - Red banners or couplets
    with New Year wishes and symbols of good fortune in gold.

  • Here are some suggestions
    for food:

  • - Jai - a combination
    of food that represents good fortune. Jai comprises of ginkgo
    nut, black moss, dried bean curd, bamboo shoots, vermicelli and

  • - Fish and chicken represent
    prosperity. Always present the fish and chicken as a whole. Do not cut
    them in pieces. The head, tail and feet (for chicken) must be
    presented to symbolize completeness.

  • - Noodles represent
    longevity. Again, they should not be cut.

  • - Desserts include oranges,
    Chinese New Year cake (ni gao) and prosperous cakes (they look
    like golden nuggets).


DO’s & DON'Ts on NEW YEAR’s DAY:

- Greet others with "Gung
Hey Fat Choy" which means "Wishing You Prosperity and

- Give two lee see’s to
each child. Because happiness comes in two’s, do not just give one. This
is your way of passing good luck to the next generation. Business owners
also give lee see’s to employees and associates.

- Wear brand new clothes -
preferably in red. Children should wear new clothes and new shoes.

- Don’t wash your hair.

- Don’t sweep the floor.

- Don’t greet people who are
in mourning.

- Don’t drop your chopsticks.

- Don’t say the number
‘four’ (Chinese homonym for death) or mention death.

- Don’t borrow or lend money.

As you prepare for this
important holiday, think of the changes you want to make in your life ...
perhaps spend more time with your family, reduce your credit card debts or
pursue a new interest. Gung Hey Fat Choy ... and Happy New Year!

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