March 20th, 2003

Steam Escaping!

compliments of a brit i know...

u know its a crazy world we live in when......
the best rapper in the world is white
the best golfer in the world is black
the French accuse the Americans of arrogance and Germany doesn't want to go to war
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Steam Escaping!

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To: All Members of the Mount Sinai Community

From: Kenneth Davis, MD and Larry Hollier, MD

Subject: Emergency Readiness

Date: March 20, 2003

In these times of uncertainty and increased vigilance, we would like review with you the Medical Center's preparedness.

Since the terrible events of 9/11, we have taken several steps to increase our readiness. These include:

Enhanced capability to protect and treat staff members potentially exposed to biological agents or radiation.
Comprehensive plans available on the intranet which can be accessed (on the Mount Sinai intranet home page by scrolling down to "Emergency Preparedness" in the list on the left-hand side of the home page.
Additional training for Emergency Department staff in the care of victims of possible terrorist actions. Hospital wide drills have been conducted and focused educational sessions have been presented to the professional and administrative staff.
Enhanced communications to ensure 24-hour-a-day notification capabilities of the implementation of the Emergency Preparedness Plan via priority phone lists, the pager system, public address, and e-mail.
Contingency plans for nuclear, biological and chemical agents that encompass mass casualties and surge capacities.
All these measures are continuously updated based on information from local and federal authorities. We feel confident that we are at a level of readiness to manage whatever may happen.


To: All Members of the Mount Sinai Community

From: Kenneth Davis, MD and Larry Hollier, MD

Subject: Emergency Preparedness: Important Steps to Keep in Mind

Date: March 20, 2003

To help ensure our readiness in these times of uncertainty and increased vigilance, we ask you to please wear your ID visibly at all times.

As reminders, the following steps are mandatory to assure patient and staff safety:

A page to 911 indicates the implementation of Plan E (Emergency Preparedness);
A page to 911000 indicates the implementation of Plan NBC (a Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical event has occurred);
Staff (i.e., physicians and nursing staff) who are required to respond to such pages should present to the Staffing Pool, relocated to the Hatch Auditorium (GP 2), NOT to the Emergency Department.
The Patient Service Center will be used as a Call Center to provide information to staff members who are off duty. Staff members should call 659-9880 to hear taped messages relative to staffing needs or directions.
We know that these are difficult times, and want to assure you of our determination to provide the safest possible environment for you, our students, our patients, and the residents of New York City.
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