June 20th, 2003

Steam Escaping!

A dozen...or a half dozen, or two half-dozen queez

1. What is the usual word for twelve dozen (144)?

2. Which war film, directed by Robert Aldrich in 1967, was about
a mission by twelve military prisoners?

3. How many items are there in "a baker's dozen"?

4. The Six Day War was an Arab-Israeli conflict in which year?

5. "Deep-six" is a slang phrase meaning what?

6. "The Six" refers to the six original members of the European
Community. Name these countries.

7. "Twelvemo" is another word for "duodecimo", used to describe
what kind of object?

8. What is the word for a polygon with twelve sides?

9. The Six Counties are the historic counties which form Northern
Ireland. Name two of them.

10. Which part of the body gets its name from the fact that its
length equals the breadth of about twelve fingers?
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