July 18th, 2003

Steam Escaping!

3 cheers for base stupidity

Well, its taken 25 years, but I think I have established the formula to get me a hangover!

Don't eat all day+go out drinking right after work at a place that doesn't have food+drink 7 pints of cider in the last hour of happy hour+2 irish car bombs back to back (because nobody there has ever had them they needed an education)+4 shots of vodka (the Polish guy in the group had to prove that vodka shots were superior to car bombs)+a mixed drink of unknown variety (someone else bought it)+ 3 Guinesses (because who in thier right mind, at this point, would turn down a Guinness?)+(drum rol please) a Tequila nd OJ. Yes, you heard it right, citrius and devil juice - what a cherry on top of a mess that was.

So yeah, after getting stumbly drunk, I had like 4 hotdogs (with mustard and everything - am i a winner or what?) from the nearest dirty water peddler. I'm still tasting them - which is surprising, considering none of them made it to the depths of my digestive system.

I came home, got sick, and went to bed. Sleep came fast, but I was aparently snoring so loudly once I went to bed that I forced Richelle on to the couch! Man do I feel even _worse_ about that. I shoulda been the one on the couch. Last time I cut loose with this crowd on a worknight. In fact, I think it is going to be the last time I cut loose for some time.

Fucking booze - I don't really have a headache but feel lightheaded - don't realy have a stomachache, but defintiely don't feel like eating...never felt like this before - even after a night of my worst carousing. Gettin older - time to stop pretending I'm not.
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Steam Escaping!

ecclectic defintions queez

1. A musical instrument consisting of a number of wire strings
stretched over a metal frame, which are hit by felt-covered
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2. Any of several species of black and white fast-running African
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3. A comprehensive reference work containing articles on a wide
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