July 28th, 2003

Steam Escaping!

for a lifetime of temporary relief

wel, I am in to a set pattern it seems - yay.

I think the only way I am going to be able to get back on track is to throw myself into sleep exhaustion - not an enjoyable prospect to say the least. And one which does not even offer 100% reliability.


The weekend was nice, although it held decidedly fewer apartment appointments than I would have hoped for. We have time yet - I just want to be out there, y'know?

Frank Bielec

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Guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Saturday I had dinner at my 'rents place - I have to remember to do a bunch of shit this week...it was a nice time, even if it went later than I thought. They were clearing trees on the sprain southbound - so we went down the saw mill on the way home, and scoped a potential site.

Yesterday was realy nice - didn't do much until early afternoon - then decided to go to Rockafeller State Park on a spur of the moment. It was a lovely walk around. Perhaps next time we'll bring Richelle's dog Marley. I guess by proxy, he's sorta become my dog too - crazy shit.

Work after work today - laptop setup and a bunch of other housekeeping. I hope I am payed promptly this year...Today is gonna suck - I can smell it.

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Steam Escaping!

toonage & other chit

Maddox cashed in on recent ugly car models - gotta love this guy.

I have been looking for this song for a while - not a real long time (considering it appeared around the super bowl) but I am happy i finally found it. I am really getting into the group - mexican rap, one more on the pile of ecclectica.

I am way behind on my comique politik - here are a few, and a promise that I will become more regular with the governmental yuks soon.

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