July 31st, 2003

Steam Escaping!

banzai apartment hunt

Wich apartment do we take? You have 5 seconds for betting:

Apartment A: Riverside Yonkers Apartment, 1150$ a month, pay utilities, beautiful view, kinda small, 300$"moving fee", 250$ "moving security", 1 month's rent, 2 mos security by August 15th.

Apartment B:Futher in the depths of Yonkers, but 1000$ a month for a bigass place (with an attic!), utilities included. First moth rent (September) and 1 month security, with access to the apartment for all of August for paint/polish.

Both places have parking.

Both places will take the mutt.

Which Apartment will the gai-jin take?

Apartment A?

Apartment B?

Place bets now!

If you picked A, click here.

If you picked B, click here.

Hand over the dough and sign the lease 2pm Saturday. We have access to the apartment for a month, to clean up, paint, and decorate. We move in towards the end of the month/beginning of September.

Thank goodness that is over with.

No seals were harmed in the making of this post, however, you may yet be stupid.
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