November 5th, 2003

Steam Escaping!

mad mad mad

so i am being ffed with on my server - that or my idiot cousins shared the directory i made with them with all thier little friends.

either way - ARGH!

Richelle is on her way to GA - and work is craaaazy.
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Steam Escaping!

prepping for tonight

So, let us assume for the moment that we exist in a fabricated reality - and the actions and interactions with both each other, and our environment have little bearing on the true state of our existence, short of death leading to a true termination on both planes.

If this is the case, then what hold should morality(even relative) have in the day-to-day existence? Should not everything break down into hedonistic impulse/instinct lifestyle?

I say:

None - lets go rob some banks with explosives!
Some - it keeps us (relatively) safer, therby prolonging existance.
Lots - The flow of the system depends on the invisible bonds! Snap them and it will all come tumbling down!

Some other option other than above.

Defend your answers, cuz you know I'm gonna be following up on this one.
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Steam Escaping!

i've seen better trash for sale cheaper on 125

So due to the late hour, I can neither confirm nor deny the existance of multiple endings to the latest Matrix release. That, in my estimation, is about all that could provide much entertainment value for the 11 bucks. Read on if you want, but be forewarned of outrage and spoilers.

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