May 20th, 2004

Steam Escaping!

local humor

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In other news, had a great time last night. Ran amuk with chellez, red_dinosaur, online_stalker, twirlygurl, derfwad, and wangch61. Others were in attendance, but they don't have lj's so you may or may not care. It was a boatload of fun though. Note to those who have not been: The Fat Black Pussycat has an extremely cool lounge (with an extremly stupid rule about eating in it), and great music. The service really blows though, be sure to bring a grapnel and steel wire if you want to get a drink or order some food. When you get the food, don't expect it to be what you ordered.

When chellez woke up this morning to get ready, we had no water! Apparetly the stret conduit broke sometime between midnight and 5:30. We had water restored by 8 though, so she is only moderately late, and it didn't really affect me that much, except that I got to sleep an hour or two more than usual with the woman I love.

I want to see Shrek 2 mightily. As unrepentant said:
"Reason #1 Why I am Going to See Shrek 2: Captain Hook in a Seedy Bar singing a Tom Waits song."
Not my number one reason, but it sure as hell adds to my desire to get with the funny.

Hump day is past us - viva la weekend!
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