July 1st, 2004

Steam Escaping!


happy birthday rhodimine! hope you have a gooder, and that your wife is feelin better!

ever wake up on a thursday thinking it was a friday? does it get any more dissapointing?

in other news, i have decided once i am done with my big project on the back burner (hopefully well before deadline) i am going to start work on a web comic. i might even teach myself layering sound in flash, so i can make an animated one.

anyone interested in lending some weight to the wheel?

thank you all for your contributions here and here concerning obscure days to celebrate. feel free to add more if you want.

i think that today, i will sacrifice 2.76 yurts to the rain gods, and ask them to stay their wrath until tuesday next.

how 'bout them yanks?
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    The Offspring - Gotta Get Away