October 27th, 2004

Steam Escaping!

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twenty to start white.
twenty to start black
set the board up again and again
play where the pieces fall

more than a hundred million options in six moves
years roll by like seconds pass
between competitors
they click like the stiff buttons atop
nerdy clocks

i am the game
that is all there is to me
variables, iterations, outcomes
if i were to live 10120 years
i still wouldn't be anything but

i don't play to win, or lose
i don't play for stalemate
i play because it keeps me whole
better a fleeing king
than a pawn - unless the pawn
finds the other side
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    Modest Mouse - The Waydown
Steam Escaping!

Sanguine Moon

As you may or may not know, tonight is going to be a blood moon.
Be careful with hearts, anger, and fire.
Enjoy lust, dancing, drink, and the hunt.
Keep an eye on the sky.

These don't come often.
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    Alanis Morissette - Everything
Steam Escaping!

Chantez à la lune

Par l'une puissance agissant pour moi et par moi
Que je baisse par ceci la lune dans me
Selon la volonté libre et pour le bien de tout
Diane, Selene, Hecate, me présentent
Je baisse par ceci la lune pour
Eteindre la soif du sang dans
La puissance qui est transférée les mouvements de lune par moi
Toujours par toute l'heure et tout le grain de l'espace
Ainsi il est

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    Type O Negative - Love You to Death