October 29th, 2004

Steam Escaping!

Friday Poem

There may be Friday Trivia later, but for now, a Friday Poem
There once was a hippo who wanted
to fly --

Fly-hi-dee, try-hi-dee, my-hi-dee-ho.

So he sewed him some wings that could flap through the sky --

Sky-hi-dee, fly-hi-dee, why-hi-dee-go.

He climbed to the top of a mountain of snow --

Snow-hi-dee, slow-hi-dee, oh-hi-dee-hoo.

With the clouds high above and the sea down below --

Where-hi-dee, there-hi-dee, scare-hi-dee-boo.

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Thanks Shel...you crazy twisted man.
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Steam Escaping!

Friday Queez

Blame _hallow_ for inspiring me.

Poll #375046 Creepy Queez

Modern Arthurian "legend" tells it that Guenevere betrayed Arthur with Lancelot, but this only occurs in the French tradition. Who takes the place of Lancelot in the English tradition?

What Edgar Allen Poe poem is this the first line of? "Kind solace in a dying hour!"

Which Stephen King novel is the only one to start EVERY chapter with a quote? (He usually starts each book or section of a book with a quote or two)

What is the legendary book written of in many of Lovecraftian stories and books?

Called the bean sidhe in Ireland and the bean nighe in Scotland, this spirit foretold death. What is it?

"What movie is this snippet from? Ray: You mean you never even had a Slinky? Egon: We had part of a Slinky. But I straightened it."

What was the first name of the original Faust (if such a personage ever existed)?

What is Sunday the 66th anniversary of?

What does someone who is Theriomorphic have the ability to do?

What does the work of Lucius Apuleius "De asino aureo" the first literary record of?

What is the only crime on the books in any US state that you can arrest a zombie for?

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