November 1st, 2004

Steam Escaping!


sorry if i disappeared on people - i feel like death is stalking me of late, and i don't have the time or the patience to cover my tracks, so i am just not making any.

i am feeling the need for change - all i want to do is bury myself under some words, and it looks like i will not have the time have to fucking fight tooth and nail to do so.

i wish chaos were not the predominant flavor of my little ice cream shoppe at the moment.

work all week this week after work. hypertension be damned.

must sleep, or clowns will eat me.

blessed be my brother, mightywombat's coworker, rakshaka, bronxelf_ag001, and some randomly hired hoodlums for helping to get mightywombat moved in. he has too much stuff.

today has been a peach of a monday.

in other news, i will be moving to canada, marrying gefiltebitch, becoming her houseboy until my citizenship is formally renounced, and becoming a crazy canukian chef in the case that chimp in chief is re-elected tomorrow.
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    The Doors - Shaman's Blues