November 10th, 2004

Steam Escaping!

Ogres are Like Onions

So, yeah, last night was my first 100% non-productive evening in many moons. It also represents my first online time warp in many moons. I puttered around with the open beta for Worlds of Warcraft. Can I just say, WOW - this is everything I ever wanted out of an online RPG, with the exception of the legacy factor. Trust Blizzard to do it right. I also managed to forget to eat dinner, walked the dog to 110th street and back, and did momentous things like "sorting the laundry" and "starting to re-ghost my server".

Funnily enough, I picked a random server, faction, and class, and managed to run into peepeepoopoo and his brother within an hour of getting myself set up. Small world, even online, with a couple hundred thousand people.
Avoid One Thing - Armbands And Braids
All in all, I did jack shit that was productive. Why in hell am I so tired then?

A snippet from the best conversation I've had today so far:
"we could sell them in three sizes: "frankincense", "myrrh" and "gold""

Yep, I'll make sure to bogart the good seats in hell when I get there, no worries folks.

In other news, I am about 3000 words into nano, and too damned lazy atm to update the doodad.

Monday managed not to skirt into Wednesday so far. I take it as a good sign =).
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