December 27th, 2004

Steam Escaping!

sun is shining

It snowed last night, and the wind was crystalline crisp walking to work.
My headache went away around 1.  Still a little sand to shake out of the ears, but other than that, ok.
Tonight i go suit shopping n shit.  Gotta get prepped for the new jobbity job in the threads department.

On an amusing side - friends of my fam got me a 75$ GC to Ambercrombie and Fitch (one begs the wisdom of such a purchase).  Never having shopped there, much less been to the website, I had a good friend of mine do some scouting for me while I was working yesterday.  If I buy shirts, I have to go in to try them on (since they do the L, XL, XXL thing), but, I can just buy socks and underwear over the internet.

Yes folks, for 75$, i can get 5 pair of underwear.  I didn't bother to research socks.

What the fuck is wrong with our species?!

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Steam Escaping!

Menu draft for MLK Snowninja outing

Breakfast Day 1 (Sat Jan 15)
I am assuming, like years past, that people will want to gtfo and hit the slopes. Nonetheless, I can hit the pans early, if people want. I can do more than one if groups are divided (some people are not morning people), I just want numbers to get general ideas. Coffee, tea, milk and oj are assumed for all morning fares. If you drink evaporated yak’s milk or something with your hand-picked parrot feather tea, bring it yourself.

Pick One:
• Cereal (bars, boxes, and oatmeal cups) I will be putting on a pot of grits or cornmeal mush so that day 2 breakfast, people can have fried grits/mush if they want it.
• Egg sandwiches to order (to go – cheese,sausage, bacon and veggie versions available)
• Sit Down Fare (pancakes or waffles)

Dinner Day 1 (Sat Jan 15)
Pick One:
• American Fare: Stuffed Turkey with garlic mashed taters, stuffing, gravy, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Acorn squash, stuffed peppers/mushroom to supplement veggies. Will make a pan of veggie stuffing and veggie-based gravy for veggies. Pie to follow.
• Asian Explosion: Stir fry over brown rice. Veggies can leave out beef/chicken/pork. Spiced to order. Dumplings and spring rolls as appetizers, oranges and rice pudding for dessert. Meat optional wok for veggies.
• Black Sheep: Leg of lamb (NOT mutton!) marinated and bbq’d. Served with creamed spinach, and broccoli Parmesan noodles, and hot rolls. Veggies will get bbq tempeh to supplement lamb. Australian red wines to be served.
• Viva Mejico: Quesadilla and Burrito to order. Fresh guac and salsa, nacho chips, and home cooked chili (veggies will have their own pot). Fixins include, but are not limited to black olives, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, many types of cheese, beef, chicken, black beans, red beans, refried beans, onion. Tequila optional.
• White Trash Classics: Fried chicken with onion rings, mashed potatoes, greens, tuna casserole, mac and cheese, hush puppies, corn dogs. (Veggie chicken to supplement fried chicken, veggie dogs for corn dogs). Everclear punch (special formula) as an appetizer, Twinkie shortcake for dessert.

Breakfast Day 2 (Sun Jan 16)
Pick One:
• Cereal (bars, boxes, and oatmeal cups)
• Egg sandwiches to order (to go – cheese,sausage, bacon and veggie versions available)
• Sit Down Fare (pancakes or waffles, fried mush/grits, along with whatever above)
• BONUS – Hangover killers will be served. Vegetarian option has been researched in the past year, so they can partake in spicy goodness. I have a feeling people will need them by Day 2.

Lunch Day 2 (Sun Jan 16)
Leftovers may be provided in the form of sandwiches or Tupperware, depending on meal preference from dinner night before (and if there are any leftovers, ya piranhas!).

Dinner Day 2 (Sun Jan 16)
At this point, I assume everyone is gonna be tired, including me! As such, I am gonna keep dinner day 2 filling but easy (both to cook and digest).

Pick One:
• Hurtin on the Pork: Stuffed pork loin, rosemary potatoes, green beans almondine (sans singing this year, veggie bacos plate will be made as well). Stuffed peppers for veggies (they will be broughten this year!)
• Picnictime: burgers and dogs, cheese and chili, pickles and chips. Veggie burgers and dogs for those who want ‘em.
• Pastatime: Baked ziti, garlic bread. Antipasta to start, tiramisu and grappa to finish. (Veggies will get spinach instead of meat in their ziti).
• Freedom Fare: Chicken cordon bleu (with tofu versions for veggies), fried potatoes, asparagus, fresh baked bread. Cheesecake for dessert.
• Tex-Mex Madness: chili in bread bowls with cornbread and roasted peppers with mushrooms, onions and cheese. Apple and apricot turnover for dessert.
• A Bit O’ The Old Country: Irish cabbage rolls (corned beef in cabbage with a mustard sauce). Veggies will get carrot instead of beef in rolls, served with mashed potatoes, peas, and beer to garnish. Irish coffee, scones, and jams for dessert.

Breakfast Day 3 (Mon Jan 17)
• Probably a mishmash of options before we run out the door – whatever is leftover from previous breakfasts, plus, maybe, fresh corned beef hash, if used for dinner day 2.
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Steam Escaping!

i wonder

do you think anyone at all will notice that i am the only person who cleans off the entire water cooler, and washes and empties the spill tray whenever i replace the water bottle (roughly 2x a month)?
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