December 28th, 2004

Steam Escaping!

last night

I was having a conversation with someone I had just met (in person) and we were talking about the new Fatboy Slim albulm. I hadn't heard it yet. Today? Lo, my internet radio reminds me to go find it.

This song is pretty good. I like Fatboy Slim.

ADB (that is an All Drunkards Bulletin) - next Wednesday, there will be a scouting run for a new home for Loco night. Details have yet to be firmed up re: location, but consider this a heads up, and an open forum for suggestions if you got 'em.

My current list of maybes?
Trailer Park
Off the Wagon
Sidewalk Cafe a la murnkay
Puck Fair a la lengjade

Thoughts? Opinions? Funny stories?

EDIT: My funny story? Apparently I am an "athletic" cut for suits. I wear a 52 L/XL, but apaprently everyone who has a shoudlerline like mine is a horribly fat bastard, since the gd pants' waists were all 46-48 at that shoulder width. To get pants that fit my waist? I needed an athletic cut. Go fig - first time in my life someone ever told me I have a small waist.
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    Fatboy Slim - North West Three