March 5th, 2005

Steam Escaping!

A #1 Super Lucky FUCKED UP moment of the evening

4:15 am.
deli, 108th and amsterdam.
there are two british gentleman ahead of me waiting for sandwiches.

there is a visibly drunk and FILTHY person dressed up in a whinnie the pooh costume swaying at the atm.
there is a cop car outside the deli.
brit #1 makes a comment to brit #2 about the filthy condition of the pooh bear costume.
pooh immediately flips around and gets in #1's face. "you wanna go outside, i'll kick your ass, etc etc"
this is all happening less than 3' away from me.
the 5-0 roll in after about a minute of back and forth. to his credit, the brit was trying to diffuse, NOT start trouble. the pigs had their hands on their pieces, and their holding straps undone.
the lead cop (24th precinct), coming into the deli "hey pooh bear, what the fuck is your problem!?"
i swear to christ, i was looking for the hidden video camera.

in the end, no one was arrested. the cops left after about 5 minutes of cop conversation. pooh bear perched on the sidewalk where he accosted random passerbys. i left. i imagine he stayed until he got the ass kicking he was searching for.
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