May 11th, 2005

Steam Escaping!

so tired

i ran into Tom again tonight. I was on 121 and 3rd ave walking south. he saw me, stopped and honked - i almost ignored him, cuz i had my mp3 player going, but he slid across to the passenger side and stuck his head out the window.
he offered me a free ride home - even though i was practically there already, i took it.
his son got out of the hospital. the patient advocacy group i gave his number to contacted him, and apparently helped him immensely. he seems to think that someone at the hospital must have passed the number along.

the judge ruled that he can be home for 30 days - if there are any incidents, he will be re-committed, and only be allowed out into a group home situation.

"i hope the kid can pull it off."

i'm running away before i get to thinking about this too much. his phone rang when we hit 117th, so i got home with a pretty short take on the details. i left him talking to his son.
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