June 2nd, 2005

Steam Escaping!

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La solitude un défi non sain --
et comme bientôt la conjecture
comme dans sa tombe vont tuyauterie
pour s'assurer la taille --

La solitude dont la plus mauvaise alarme
est de peur qu'elle-même devrait voir --
et périr de avant elle-même
pour juste un examen minutieux --

L'horreur à ne pas examiner --
mais bordé dans l'obscurité --
avec la conscience a suspendu --
et étant sous la serrure --

Je crains que je ceci -- est solitude --
le fabricant de l'âme ses cavernes
et ses couloirs illumine -- ou scellez --
Steam Escaping!

writing fun

new stuff at frankandeddie today. my intention is to start soliciting at least one day a week direct from the audience, to get the componentry of the friday update. i think it adds a new paradigm to the genre that is trying to be born here (read: crap writing with nothing but dialouge and silly plots). I am starting to think of this genre as textomics. Kinda like comic text, but with no pictures to detract you from the horror that is shoddy writing. But dammit, it is shoddy writing with character.

For those who haven’t a fucking clue what F&E is, you should scope it out via the calendar, and read it in reverse, since the plot might make something resembling sense at that point.

For those who don’t give a crap, I apologize for taking up your valuable LJ real estate. This round of solicitation is open to all, but I think I may eventually make this a “members only” feature, giving those who want to contribute to the madness some power over the life and death of others.
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