August 12th, 2005

Steam Escaping!

there are those things

that frustrate
that titilate
that aggravate

there are those things
that make you want to break something
fix something
hug something
punch something

there are friends
who can crawl into your head and heart
and hand you your secrets
plucked from shadow
and there are those
who never even see the shadows
who call you friend nonetheless

in hope and in certainty of failure
there are those who come to you
and those you can go to
that make the horizons possible
and the tomorrows worthwhile

to them, i offer the old adage:
health, wealth, and love.
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Steam Escaping!

since ttam is an impatient bugger you guys get a fucker of a quiz

Be sure to check the comments, where I will illuminate any of you non anemologists out there.

Poll #550670 friday queez - a mighty wind

This wind occurs off south east Brazil, usually between May and September.

Where could you experience a diablo wind?

This Ausstralian wind, which occurs at the same time almost every day, is believed to be the most consistent wind in the whole world.

This wind is also the name of a traditional thick wool coat, worn by both men and women in the mountainous areas of Romania.

Normally a popular tourist destination, this region regularly experiences strong winds and flooding caused by the kona. Where in the world does the kona occur?

This is a cold offshore wind occurring in southern France, though it can extend as far as northern Spain and Italy.

The delicious nashi pear is grown in many parts of eastern Asia, and also in Australia and New Zealand. In which country could you expect to encounter the nashi wind?

This wind, which blows from the deserts of California, is mentioned in Randy Newman's hit song 'I Love L.A.'. Surfers are possibly the only people who look forward to it.

The tehuantepecer is a strong, sometimes violent, wind which occurs in Mexico. What is the meaning of this wind's name?

Author and playwright Gore Vidal gave the title of his first ever novel to this strong wind, named for the Inuit word for whirlwind.

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