November 21st, 2005

Steam Escaping!

Six Red Wooden Buddhas and a Matching Dragon

I am in the throes of one of the worst response blocks I've ever had.

I got a very heartfelt email over two weeks ago, expressing despair, sadness, morbidity - a whole slew of things I have spent many a night tossing and turning over myself. I've started a response a dozen times, at least. I want to reassure, but not with fantasy, with reality. I want to show that many of the things I have been railing about in the years I have been friends with this person are legs holding up the table of her woes presented in that email.

Mostly, I feel like expressing what needs to be expressed as a response is important, because the issues raised are central ones to me, which I have spent so much time thinking about/researching/blathering about.

I can't get my thoughts into words. This slowdown has been exacerbated by the untimeliness (at this point) of the response.

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The short answer to that email? Don't spend more time counting the days you might have left, then reminiscing over the days you have had. What you bring to the world is far greater than you think, regardless of whether or not you can see it. The scope of personal accomplishment can only be measured by one person, and trying to conform to other people's ideas or insights when it comes to personal accomplishment will only leave you frustrated.

I should figure out how I can write fortune cookies for a living.
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