December 7th, 2005

Steam Escaping!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Waits

A year ago, I figured I'd die never having seen you play. New Orleans had to leave the planet for that to happen. I can't say I'd be willing to pay that price premeditated, but fuck all if you didn't work your magic at Radio City.

A year ago 29$ was just another song, not it has more meaning than most of your other tunes put together.

Thanks for being you. Keep on keepin on.
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    Crystal Waters - Come on Down
Steam Escaping!

Goldfish Level Alert

cercaria, you must must must read more about helacyton gartleri. I am trying to work it into my theory of goldfish immortality the more I am learning!

This of course, assumes you don't already know about them. If you do, that is something you knew before I did, and the reason book learnin with a tuition is sometimes better than my tried and true shotgun method.

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Steam Escaping!

what the mother fuck?!

tenants moving out month early, using security as last month's rent.
this, of course, happens the first and only year i ever break from my holiday mantra of last-minute shopping.
fuck me with a chainsaw.
happy fucking holidays.

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