December 8th, 2005

Steam Escaping!

this is some bullshit

i am in a bad mood today, and i have about ten point seven billion things to do.

lj can really stop sending me emails of comments posted over a week ago. really. stop. i already feel like a shit for having ignored 30+ people's replies to my wit and idiocy, you don't need to keep adding to it.

yet you do.

sorry to all i didn't comment back to. i definitely don't have the time for the concerted effort, but i never look at/read my own journal, so the only way i get comments is email, and, as many of you might now, that is fubar.

in other news, i have no idea what i am doing this weekend. i know i have stuff i am supposed to be doing friday night. other than that, i am at a loss.

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Steam Escaping!

holy fuckin shit

i just got my present.

i'm gonna go to the dmv next week. i am eligible for e learner's permit as soon as i pass the damn tests. i will schedule my road test that same day.

i may not get this by the end of december, but i'll be dammned if i don't get it by the end of january!

in the words of team america: "fuck yeah"

now i just need to survive my other woes, and i will be a fully mobile human once again.
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