March 1st, 2006

Steam Escaping!

the words have stopped flowin

i have too much going on in headspace for me to write all the things i want to. as my backlog grows, i realize this is going to become a big problem. i need to edit a bunch of stuff, i need to rewrite a bunch of stuff, and, mostly, i really need to fucking get working on something really meaty which has been festering subsurface for months.

frustration, it seems, was the flavor for february. i'm hoping a new month changes that.

seems like apple is really pushing bonjour. i find that amsuing, sinc ei basically use my hacked xbox to do all the things it is touted to do, and more, if i wanted to spend the time to set it up. that is on a 300$ piece of hardware i bought in 2001, with another 200$ of parts i put into it since. i need to get on some DIY digital entertainment projects before all these "smart ware" appliance things shut out the indie market.

i am going to florida in the end of march. this should prove to be a good unplug, if i can make it.
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Steam Escaping!

flashback to the night of bad oysters

hey folks, remember that night we did a bunch of eating for our age a few months back? i just came across my notes on things that i was supposed to post about, in the urban legend sense. here they are for you:
Little Mermaid hidden sexual agenda (Link1, Link2)
Lion King hidden sexual agenda (link1)
Alladin hidden sexual agenda (link1)
Wizard of Oz dead midget (link1)
Ghost in 3 Men (link1)
Richard Stanley and His Antics on the set of "The Island of Doctor Moreau" (link1,link2, link3)