April 14th, 2006

Steam Escaping!

my mp3 player has a sense of humor

so, at a little after nine yesterday, i started getting really lethargic. i think it was secondhand exposure to extreme laziness of DMV workers. so i decide to lay down for an hour, wihout setting an alarm. i got my four hours of sleep for the night, but now i have a much longer than usual road to sunup.

there are some seriously loud crackheads in my neighborhood. if Dracula were alive undead today, the line would be "Ah, the hood rats of the night, what shitty pop music they make."

i have an amusing anecdote to relate, which will probably offend the more traditionally dead-jew observing religious types on my fl, and i don't mean muslims.

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thanks to fonem for reminding me of this story!
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Poll #710089 friday tune up

Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis were all famous for playing which musical instrument?

How many strings does a bass guitar usually have?

What instrument is named after a man called Robert Arthur Moog?

Yehudi Menuhin was famous for playing which instrument?

Which musical instrument can be defined as "A percussion instrument resembling a shallow one-headed drum with loose metallic discs at the sides"?

The piccolo is a small, high-pitched type of which instrument?

Which musical instrument might be defined as a "three-cornered metal-framed percussion instrument, struck with a metal stick?"

Which Italian plural word is used for a set of kettledrums?

"Hautboy" is an old-fashioned word for which musical instrument?

The saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax. What nationality was he?

EDIT I think I am pitching a little too much underhand here. I'll have to tighten up the stike zone next week.