April 28th, 2006

Steam Escaping!

Do the Crime, Pay the Fine

Yeah, it has been one of those weeks.

Poll #718725 punishment quiz

What was the name for the wooden frame used until the 19th century to confine the legs and sometimes the arms of minor offenders, and expose them to public humiliation?

What is the name for the instrument for beheading which consists of a large heavy blade that slides rapidly down between two upright posts?

Who was the popular 1930's villain responsible for many ingenious torture devices, like the "Wire Jacket"?

If you "send someone to Coventry" as a punishment or protest, what do you do?

"Running the gauntlet" was a form of military punishment which involved what?

If you rusticate a student from college or university, what do you do to him?

This once popular (and quite horrible) form of torture, devised by the British in Ireland around the 18th century was made famous by it's use on Antony Perry.

What was the "taws" or "tawse", formerly used for corporal punishment in Scottish schools?

If you keelhaul a person, what do you do to them?

Which part of the body was beaten with a stick in the punishment or torture known as the "bastinado"?

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