May 4th, 2006


i got a bad feeling about this

i feel like the walking dead right now. i haven't been sleeping well, and my pace has kept me pretty exhausted. i had a funny feeling about my server last week, at about 3am. it was at this point that i realized two things:

1- i hadn't done a backup since my crash, and i have done a lot of work. i managed to get that done monday night. in genning a mirror for backup purposes last night, i had to swap my dns to test everything out. when i swapped it back, my primary server asked for a reboot. it did not reboot, and lies smoking on my floor. i guess that is what i get for constantly cobbling machines together. one of these days i'll commit to making my server a thing of beauty. as it is, my backup box (which will now be the new server) is a good deal faster than what i was using now, but i am loathe to re-invest, again, in scsi when sata is so much cheaper. any geeks with a mind on the matter out there? i'm in the 3/4 terrabyte storage range mind you, so we are talking mondo bucks on storage space, considering i tend to expand at about 15-23% annually.

in the meantime, i am back to no webspace, no internet-accessible resources, no spiders, and no email at my work/personal accounts. i feel like someone lopped off a limb.

2- it is may, which means it is time for my annual reading of stephen king's 'It'. i have been rereading this book every may since 1987. going away to my grandparents over the summer (generally for a week after school got out, before camp started) was the only time i could read as much of what i wanted to. my grandparents didn't seem to care what i read, so long as i read. my grandmother also somehow never figured out that even though waldenbooks gave you 10% back, you still lost money in the end, even with al the 5$ gift certificates. most of the impressionable reading of my youth was done in pennsylvania, without parental censorship. ever since my mom got shouted out for letting me read ivanhoe for a 4th grade book report, she always asked what i was reading, to be sure that she wouldn't have any other headaches.

i still wonder if that 4th grade teacher had ever even read ivanhoe.

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