May 5th, 2006

Bug Alien

Odd Jobs Queez

Poll #723065 i have had a bad week, so watch out for the tough ones

Used informally in Britain, "matelot" is a French word for what?

"Trick cyclist" is a slang word for what kind of worker (not a kind of cyclist)?

What is a sommelier?

What is a funambulist?

What is a theriogenologist?

What is the name of a professor who carries out circumcision on young Jewish boys?

What is a diener?

What is a horologist?

What undergraduate major has someone declared when they are referred to as majoring gin "underwater basket weaving"?

What is the job of the Pipe Major?

What livelihood is a toxophilite most likely to engage in?

What role was Harold Sakata best known for?

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