August 11th, 2006

Steam Escaping!

a real B queez this time (with apologies to dawestruck for the last one)

Poll #790712 quiz title

Back Bay is a wealthy district in which US city?

What long-necked dinosaur's name means "Arm Lizard" in anchient greek?

Who Authored the book "A Scheme for a new Alphabet and a Reformed Mode of Spelling"?

What instrument, consisting of a set of L-shaped flat stone chimes, were often paired with bianzhong in Chinese ritual court music? Bonus if you know what bianzhong are made of.

What famous comedian inspired Johnny Depp's antics in the character he played throughout the movie "Benny & Joon"?

Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, Montana and California all have a state animal from the same family of animals. What is it? Bonus if you know which states have which type.

What does the Unabridged Devil's Ditionary define as "one who wagers on races between account balances and public revelation"?

What synonym for profanity owes its origins to the London ward with the same name, which houses a famous fish market?

What is the name of the twenty-one note scale in the miracle temperament, used in composition by New York composer Joseph Pehrson and others?

What genre of film entertainment is generally agreed to have originated with the movie "Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song"? Bonus if you know who wrote and directed it.

What latin word is used to describe a dosage of fast-acting insulin intended to "cover" a meal given to a sufferer of Diabetes? Bonus if you know the word used to describe a dose of slow-acting insulin or a continuously pumped small quantity of fast-acting insulin, intended to "cover" the glucose output of the liver.

What creature did Lewis Carrol describe as 'frumious', which is a portmanteau word combining 'furious' and 'fuming'?