November 20th, 2006

Drinky drinky

damn broken science

what i cannot fathom is this:
alcohol is supposed to be a germ-killing substance.
if you are sick, you are clearly full of germs, which are ailing your immune system.
if you drink a lot of alcohol, the germs should all die, freeing up your immune system to do important things, like watch the price is right or something.
i'm about 50/50 with this theory thus far.
must be the goddamn ginger ale ruining the process. isin't that supposed to be something you drink when you are sick too? wtf?!

good weekend. la casa de slangston, wangch61, and hoolifan is warmed. i need pictures of the luchadore trifecta asap. i'm about 4k behind on NaNo from where i wanted to be at this point, but i think i can make it up. also, family guy/american dad were totally amusing last night. can anyone peg what movie they were ripping off in american dad when francene and steve were "breaking up"? i immediately recognized it was lifted from somewhere else visually, but can't place it! the stewie/airplane antics were pretty chuckalarious. it was good to see kool-aid man back in action.

enough from me. hope everyone has as short a week as i do, which is to say, i have to figure out how to shoe-horn 40 hours into three days.

emergen-c, take me away!

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