December 7th, 2006


tumult, chaos and falling rocks

first off, happy birthday to slangston.

in the last 48 hours i have:

  • Battled and lost to a migraine

  • Upgraded my server and most of its parts, both software and hardware.

  • Shuffled half a terabyte of personal information across four hard drives

  • Slept six hours

  • Canceled on a client and a dear friend, both of which I have to make up.

  • Completely migrated my settings to my new pc, which is the most ostentatious thing I have ever owned

  • Billed about 3k in business, booked six upcoming jobs. Now I just need to settle my invoices for December so I can get all my taxes filed before I go to Mexico. That shouldn't be too tough, right?

the last conscious memory i have of the shirt i am wearing today was from a few years ago at a friend's wedding, when i was still with richelle. said friend now has a daughter, who is a couple years old. when i pulled my head out of the sink a few minutes ago and looked in the mirror, i was suddenly back in a cramped bathroom in the back of a delectable party hall in long island city, and i had to be sure to get some good pictures of the skyline. what a fuckin head-trip. i know i have probably worn this shirt a dozen, if not two dozen times since then, but i will be dammned if i can remember a single one of those times.

my head feels like an overripe melon, and i have too much to do, and not enough time to do it in. how is everyone else's week going?

a not-so-funny person on im, who is forever after me about how i looked better with short hair, suggested that my migraines came from the roots of my hair pulling on my brain. the longer my hair, the more pulls, so if i cut my hair, it would cure me. if i thought so, i'd look like daddy warbucks tonight. it has been many moons since i cut my hair. any of you wise guys (and gals) think its time for me to shear the locks? i like having long hair, mostly because i don't have to go to the barber, which i hate doing.

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