February 6th, 2007

Steam Escaping!

the internet is quiet today... too quiet

a bunch of firsts today:

  • i broke the 200$/hr mark on my consulting. by this, i mean i did 15 mins work and was paid 55$ for it. i wish i could get paid that full time!

  • i went to the bank during my lunch hour (both things i rarely do - take lunch and go to the bank during lunch hour) and there was absolutely nobody in the bank. i got scared for a moment that i might have walked into a stickup. then the old lady with the three punt-a-dogs came in. calm re instituted itself.

  • i've been going to the pizza place on 86th and lex sine high school. i've never been disappointed. today, i got a very disappointing cheese calzone. they forgot to put ricotta in it!

  • i got my new used camera. it is good to be back in the saddle. expect a flickr update soon.

  • i was running late, so i cheezed a cab back to work, which cuts 10 mins of wandering into a 2 minute ride. unless, that is, you get a cab driver on his first day of work. no joke? we almost died three times in one avenue and 8 blocks. one of those incidents involved a sanitation truck. he didn't know where anything was, didn't know the even/odd east/west thing, and, apparently, didn't really drive in fresno. what a shitty week to move. he has only been to ny once before yesterday, and never driven in ny before today. i tipped him about as much as the fare, and told him that i hope he has good insurance.

N V T S Nuts!