October 30th, 2007


cave people, cave people, smell like caves, taste like people

so, my upcoming month:

  • doin nanowrimo

  • have to make a hugemongus presentation at work

  • have to make a business proposal/scope of work for a side project

  • i have to go to south carolina in the middle of the month for a few days of conference. the results of aforementioned presentation will determine if this is a good or bad thing.

  • have three home install calls scheduled in the next two weeks, assuming the internet gets its act together on shipping

  • i joined an advance reader book review scheme. basically, i have to read and review a book, which means i get to read the book weeks before it comes out. i gotta nail "The Jewel Trader of Pegu" by the 15th

  • in hindsight, that was a fucktarded thing to sign up for in august, cuz i am doin nano

  • Hellgate London arrived today. halfway through GH3. meedly meedly meedly. can't sleep, games will eat me.

  • i need to get a new phone. i had been planning on getting a centro, but i scoped one out sunday. i loved the size/speed, didn't like the action on the keys. where is ray charles to show me that there is action on the keys when i need him?

  • mostly over being ill - hooray for drugs. doctors said i don't have anything incurable, and i don't have strep (which was my main concern, since three co-workers, including boss, have been diagnosed).

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