December 28th, 2007


lets shake this shit up a little bit

fill in the blank queez - some are double fill-ins, be sure to answer twice!

Poll #1112291 i know I

George Bernard Shaw was born in ___________.

Walt Disney initially provided the voice for ____________ himself.

_________ is a green liqueur only recently made legal again in the US and the EU.

In Roman numerals, the letter ____________ stands for 500

The chief opera house in Italy is ____________ in ____________ .

Thailand used to be known as ____________ .

Real caviare is obtained from a ____________ .

In Greek mythology, a ____________ was half-human, half-goat

A ____________ is a young salmon returning from the sea to fresh water for the first time

Today, the Nepalese government agreed to abolish the country's 240-year-old ____________ .

Using their ____________ in Paris, the Lumière brothers showed motion pictures to a paying audience for the first time today in ____________ .