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gotta love mondays:

[10:40] Aesmodeus: As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Every wife had seven sacks, every sack had seven cats, every cat had seven kittens. Kittens, cats, sacks, and wives, how many were going to St. Ives?
[10:43] womlin07: 2,753
[10:43] Aesmodeus: 1
[10:43] womlin07: son of a bitch
[10:44] womlin07: bahskfla;ghdlalugbladbbjafljag

Had a eventful weekend. Went downtown on Sat and met up with murnkay, mrshellion, the murnkaywife, and for the first time, docthestampede (who seemed an interesting fellow).

good chinese, lots of fun walking around - oregano/schwag orange chocolate anti-beans, The Passion of the Lethal Mad Max Christ, and other general hijynx. then i went to apartment 48 to hang out with red_dinosaur for a lil bit, then home.

chellez was laid up mos tof the day with a migraine, but she and i got some good netflixin in this past week. Last week, during the week, I subjected chellez to "Who's Harry Crumb?" which, unfortunately, like"Hot to Trot" has gotten horribly more lame as time has advanced.

We saw "Meet Joe Black" on Friday, which I have seen before, but enjoyed thuroughly again. It is definitely not for everyone, but I love Anthony Hopkins, and he is damn good in that movie.

Saturday night, we watched "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" which was really impressively good. It had Jamel Debbouze in it, who I could not place at the time, but who I really liked in "Le Boulet".

Sunday was busy day - with the help of idchild and timaeusdaspirge we managed to aquire all the shelving needed to complete the kitchen sotrage, as well as some bathroom shelves, and additonal shelves for the armoire serving as out pantry. We aslo got a steal on some vinyl shades, and managed to do the whole thing for less than 150$ (after a 10% coupon thanks to USPS).

This week : Lock installation, book unpacking, and organizing my goddamn clothes.

Sorry I been scarce, that will change soon!

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