January 31st, 2008



Back when I was in high school wangch61 and I had the same Spanish teacher (different classes). in pretty much all his classes, he made you memorize a poem in Spanish, which you had to recite to pass the class:
La Canción Del Pirata by José de Espronceda

I still have it memorized. I recited it at a poetry slam once, and, most recently at a salon held by one of my co-workers. Today, wangch61 hit me with a youtube vid of the poem set to a sing, sung a la heavy metal, set to scenes from Pirates of the Carribean.

I like thier original music vid much better:

Either way, Tierra Santa is getting mixed into my music library.

I think José de Espronceda would either be amused or revolted by all the attention. I'm not sure which.