February 19th, 2008

Bovine Water Ballet

things i learned this weekend

-when ordering popcorn, if they ask you if you want to upgrade to a large for 50cents, say no.
-Juno was a pretty good flik
-Dark Messiah is a lot of fun. It is a lot harder to do on the console when you can't change your axis controls in the game, and you are locked into a specific class instead of a point-buy-skill system.
-you can change your axis controls on ANY XBOX360 game from your profile settings on your Live account
-you can use your 360 controller to turn on the XBOX (freakin sweet! a la peter griffin)
-under the proper circumstances, i actually can get 6 hours of restful sleep
-there is a gourmet garage in walking distance of my apartment, my bank account will suffer for it
-despite my general distain for source-controlled overprice products, i know more than i thought i did about apple crap, and am going to know a _lot_ more in the coming months
-the cave of swallows, the worlds deepest pit cave freefall drop, is deep enough to conceal the empire state building , and was only explored in depth in the 80's!
-fresh rosemary makes a really big difference when making lamb
-red wine is really hard to get out of a tablecloth
-i really love starfruit