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late night antics

Yesterday was my friend Ross' b-day. In honor of this event, he decided to gather a whelm, and get a game of bar golf going. Before drinking, eats were offered at grimbil's pad, who made up some scrumdiddlyumptious hamburgers. Best moment of the night: realizing that grimbil had a mess hall apron too! Even though his is Army Olive instead of camo, it did my heart proud to call him cookie (though I was told that he didn't want the title). I didn't get the chance to do so last night, but I want to take a moment to thank grimbil for the eats!

For the unindoctrinated, bar golf does like this:
You establish a queue of bars - these bars are the holes of your course. Participants are broken into teams, which are then sent across the course. Each hole has a "par" which is a minimum number of drinks a team needs to consume. Some variants involve certain types of drinks at certain holes, or perform certain antics after par to show where you are at in the running.

Ross, being the lovable sadistic bastard he is, started us with a 8par, then things went down steadily to 6, until the 6th hole, which was an 8 par!

Ross set teams, and we were on the pavement by 8pm. The team I had the honor of being a part of was "The McMeisters" - in honor of our Irish/German team makeup. Our team was to consist of 5, which, I thought early on, would give us a strong edge. goodgirlfriday, myself, tj, cheryl and her so (whose name escapes me atm) were all set to run amok. The lineup involved Otto's Shrunken Head (formerly Barmancy, which dates my lame ass), The Lakeside Lounge, Ace Bar, and other LES favorites. For the record, most of these places hadn't seemed to have changed very much. I still fucking hate the Ace Bar, and, sadly, what was once a decent watering hole in Barmancy has degenerated to a pretty dead spot in its new iteration. Blowfish barlights = tre tacky.

As the evening wore on, it became apparent that the McMeisters had a few things working against us:

1.TJ had been drinking since 3pm.
2. Cheryl's so was getting over a stomach flu - although he did open up in later rounds a little, he was a light drinker.
3.I was doing heavy doubles to make early pars while the slow and steadies worked for the long haul. After a 3point pint of long island iced tea though, I switched to water for a while.
4.One of the opposing teams was named TJ's Nightmare.
5.We were playing bar golf on a Sat night in Manhattan!

wangch61 and one of his CU friends showed at bar 2 (The Lakeside Lounge, where I had not been since my unfortunate fire breathing incident). I got momentarily nostalgic before getting that aforementioned LI iced tea.

We were quite literally, turned off at the door of two establishments on the list. Once for crowd, the other for smoke. TJ wandered off somewhere, and then Cheryl and her BF headed out... I was getting to the point of drunk that the evening started getting stretchy, yet goodgirlfriday persevered, even after my abandonment of the games post-witching hour to come up to the UES with wangch61 and his pal. Bravo girl, you are the true embodiment of Celtic alcoholism, and Aryan efficiency! Someone apparently knew a bartender somewhere, so we hung out in some 80's themed bar in the 80's somewhere. It was basically an upscale Kulture Club, with the music and clientele to match. After some water there, I went home when they continued on to 1020.

One of the things I realized last night, which had never occurred to be before then, was that bar golf kinda sucks, because you never get any free rounds. Switching bars every 45 minutes does not equate to charitable bartenders.

It also came to my attention that twirlygurl has never gotten a free round! This must be amended!

Anywho, the night was a blast, and I hope Ross thoroughly enjoyed himself, because I did. It was great to see some people I haven't seen in a while.

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