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happy b-day touchfaith!

I need to go to the dentist. It is not going to be a pleasureable bidness, as I need to get my wisdom teeth out. I dislike doctors, and dentists (who really want to be doctors, but prefer the cushy non-dangerous path of futzing with teeth). The last time I was at the dentist, he wanted me to come back to have the teeth out, but I didn't need to - now I have to...somehow I was hoping I would be able to skip this irritation.

I know from personal caretaking experience that having them out is not fun.

In other news, for those who care, they are now totally unsure wether to run with the sensationalism of having a 10th planet is worth having to reprint all them schoolbooks. This is not a new occurance by a long shot, I just hope all the Niburu nuts can keep thier shit in a sack, given the ice-age timing of this new one. Good linkies here:
Spitzer infro from Caltech (looks like this went down to to hypelinks prolly)
Some backhistory on Chiron (the last time something this "big" happened)

I have ben playing Prince of Persia for the past week or two. Thank goodness for Gamefly, because as entertaining as this puzzle filled lame-storyline has been , it has 0 replay value. I also have Wrath Unleashed, which is a pretty inventive combonation of risk, chess, and a simple arcade fighting game. Unfortunately, the peice sets are too similar amongst the 4 possible teams you can play from, and the play control in the arcade section leaves me frustrated sometimes - all in all a great concept game, but the execution has left me wishing it had stayed in development/QA a little longer. Both are going back once I finish PoP.

I just lost a heap of shit because my Semagic is broke at home, and preview makes it crash. Fucking technology. I will try to re-capture what is already gone:

I managed to get 0 Beard Papa cream puffs this weekend, despite my intense desire to do so. Hopefully I will get some this weekend, cuz I shure as shit know I won;t have the time this week. When I spoke to a coworker of mine about it, he rather fliply commented : "Oh, that's on the UWS, I'd never go there."

What gives? I mean, I am traditionally an East Side kid, but there is shit all over the island, and the outer buroughs - fuck all over the world. Why the hell _not_ go somewhere because it is not easily accessable from your local n/s subway? This is my strongest Harlem naysayer, and the person who has razzed me the most about my recent habit of walking to work... I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

Also on the burner, my recent spate of zombie dreams (which has been for about 2 months now) is growing sharply more acute - I may start a dream journal up just so I can start sifting for details. While atrociously detaild dreams of a horrible nature are not exactly a new thing for me (indeed, they are a major contributing factor to my once-acute insomnia), I have never had to deal with them in such variety and intensity. Each night is a new dish of flavors, and I have yet to have a recurring one (which is my subconscious' usual MO).

It is a problem which is becoming chronic, and to me, that means I am going through another dream-state metamorphasis. While many of these dreams don't qualify for an all out nightmare, they are all graphic, disturbing, and freaking intense. Another depoarture from my normal cycles is the individual uniqueness of each one. I have trained myself for a fairly high dream retention ratio in order to help delve. I can safely say that many of the negative dreams I have are fractal shards of the same cycle - certain things my brain worried like a dog trying to get to marrow, yet never quite gets there. I, of course have "new" dreams interspersed, but they vary greatly on subject, length, detail, and emotion.

All of these dreams have been dark, most have involved people I do (or once) loved. Sometimes I am a victim, sometimes a zombie, sometimes a last-stand-man. Sometiems I am the stranger amongst others who are a close knit. Other times it is my knit taking the risk of a new member, I've gone through all sorts of wierdess. It is like George Romero hijacked my brain. I guess I would mind a whole lot less were I exposing myself to the genre somewhat - I haven't even seen a zombie movie in who knows how long! This is definitely not a theme that runs from real life at the moment (definitely not within the frame of the dream cycle).

Watches Spellbound last night. Heartbreakingly entertaining. I suggest it for any word geeks/spelling nerds out there.

So yeah, between software upgrades, new people, new hardware, major deadlines, meetings, and general chaos, I'll be lucky if I pull less than a 12 hour day today. If you don't hear from me, it is not because I don't have something stupidly witty, or refreshingly annoying to add to your little corner online, it is because I am breathing through a straw to keep from being o'erwhelmed by my work.

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