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day after pats

I took some pics of the trees in the park on the way in today - perhaps more during lunch, if the weather holds. Clicky if you want bigger pics.

I did not end up sitting at home last night, but I did not exactly do what I thought I was going to do either.

All in all it was a fairly nice night. I talked to chellezabout a bunch of stuff, which, though unresolved, made me feel better cuz at least it was spoken about. After chatting, we watched Instinct. I had forgotten what a good movie that was. Every time I watch it it kidna depresses me more and more. The concept of "Takers" hits way too close to home with my persobnal philosophies on man for me to be compfortable watching it as just a film. The book it was based on, Ishmael is even more powerful.
I guess that was, perhaps, why I was so wierd when I went out last night. I met up with wangch61, bruteforcemethd, and friend d-nice for some Irish festivities. I decided to skip the smoke, cabs and unfortunate social entanglements a trip to Woodlawn would doubtless bring upon me. Sorry timaeusdaspirge, maybe next time. We ended up at an UES watering hole called Ship of Fools, when my suggested locale - O'Flanagan's Ale House, revealed that it was charging a 10$ cover. The only othe fast available Irish pub reminded me of a kegger with none of the dignity remaining. We had a few drinks and shot the shit nicely, but things kind of turned serious before we wandered away. I think both d-nice and bruteforcemethd overpaid, considering what they drank - I'll have to buy them a round next time out. I did not stay out too late, or even really get buzzed, but it was great to go out and chat with friends - I definitely need to find some venues to do this in that are not alcho-centric.

The devil inside - I haven't stopped thinking of that line since I saw The Itallian Job (which I did not like as a movie, but liked selected items from, that quote for one). It is what I was thinking about last night - when we were talking about ethanol and global economies - why do we have this fucking drive to try and control things, own things, destroy things? I really wish these GD mars rovers would find a ruined civilization, with a very detailed history showing how they went the same path we did, and look where thier planet went. There is no way back, that is what ruins me - civilization is not going to stop - termites will not stop eating a house just because it will eventually fall down.

Ugh, I don't want to get into this rant.

Teeth go g'bye tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, or losing a weekend for that matter, but what the hell can you do?

Keep on keepin on.

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