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T-90 minutes to departure for tooth departure.

I suggest everyone, no matter what your stance, take 5 minutes and read this document. In my opinion, it is the best complied report to date on the misleading activities of the crrent people in charge of the executive branch of our government.

fabricated news
Lemur baby! (Batboy's long lost cousin)
subways of the world - to scale
Symphony for the devil (second article)
lippy urinals - where you can order your own
Jeb is going to make a bid for 2008
Buy the Clinton homestead
Beware the gold pants!
More photoshoppy wierndess
Ski Game
Lost tribe in Cuba?
200+ year old corpse found
Good uses for space dust
Canadian Baby Mummy

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thanks to jeff and peepeepoopoofor contributions to this post.

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