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pain on the way?

It took me longer to get paperwork/insurance worked out than it did for me to actually get my teeth done. The doc, who was very professional and very nice, was pretty insistent about not doing all 4 under local, so i did end up going under. The other option was that he do one side today, and another two another time. Fuck that.
I went under at 4:42
I came back at 5:15

I've lost more drinking, with probably a bigger chance of death.

Walked back from the dentist, dropped off my prescriptions, and took the dog out. I have to swing by before 8 to get the drugs. Vicodin it is.

I am still kinda numb, but not really what I expect. I am sure the pain is on the horizon, but what it feels like to me is that I got
punched in the mouth on both sides. I'm sure I'll make some bastardly post later about agony and suffering. Talking is very difficult though, the cotton gets in the way. I feel like Marlon Brando, without the millions of dollars.

For now though, not so bad - hurts, but not as bad as other things I have done.

Ooh, and the comprimise! I went under, but he let me keep the teeth. I have them sitting on my desk - mebbe I'll digipic them later.

Most annoying thing so far: Thirsty bastard.

fonem, I'd recomend this guy, he is very nice, and very professional. He is just an oral surgeon though, not a regular dentist, so if you need fillings etc, he may not be your man.:
Adam Brisman OMFS
231 E 106 NY, NY 10029
(212) 348-0020


Mar. 20th, 2004 07:21 am (UTC)
B! looks like you found the address since you are sans wisdom teeth. way back when i had my bottom ones removed, the dentist advised that i alternate ice and heat: supposedly will minimize the swelling. i *think* it did, but god that was ages ago. hope you feel better soon. laters!
Mar. 20th, 2004 02:39 pm (UTC)
tx for the 411
i look like i have golf balls stuffed in my cheeks - cold, heat, not much has helped, but i will try alternating in a bit when i feel up to it.

thank you for your help in attempting to locate. i did indeed find what i was looking for - it was surprisingly ewasy to find.


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