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the world needs more puppet sex

went to see avenue q last night with chellez, twirlygurl, and grimbil. it was a total blast. i highly reccomend it for anyone who has ever seen sesame street, and likes puppets. clever, and very funny stuff.

in other news, i think that i need to metamorphose some. i have become to complacent, too accustomed to the few chains i have forged for myself, and the walls i have built around me. i need to go out to see if they are still valid. i need to try new things - maybe my tastes have changed.

i need to pop out of neutral into second - i am tired of rotting.

i am going to get some certifications, and get some more belts on the professional front. I am def getting my macromedia cf cert, and i am going to start my way up the oracle track.

i also started a dream journal for the dreams i had of late. i am going to try to stick to outlining one every other day, when I am done, I am going to rewrite them all as short stories. i am going to fucking submit the fucker and try to get it published.

i need to get into shape too - the walking has def been a good step, but i want to lose some poundage.

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