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it comes with mighty hatred, and screams like glycerin sticks

before i get angsty, everyone must must MUST scope this link. As far as I can tell, it is not a hoax, and I am totally blown away by what is there.

yesterday pretty much sucked.
my cousin, who has been dying of brain cancer for the last 5 years, has taken a turn for the worse. my mom went to atlanta, and apparently what they thought was a coma was an extended loss of consciousness. the doctors have no idea how she is still alive. she could go any time. very dicey.

richelle was sick with all sorta badness yesterday, and is even worse today. this is mostly due to the fuckchop upstairs who is learning bass and chello. apparently playing drums after 11 is a concept which penetrated skull, but the other two instruments are just as bad bud - i am going to go knock on the door when i get home tonight.

so, yeah, richelle got 0 sleep, and is nauseous, and migraney, and has to go to work, because her asshole vp is a vindictive smallminded prick.

this is not right.

so go give her your best, if you want. fuck knows she needs it.

last night, we watched george carlin's "you are all diseased" show from 1999. he has some strong words about terror and the government in some of his bits. some dire predictions which came to pass as well. what amazes me most, i guess, is that even after 5 years, and the shit that has gone down in that time, i find myself mostly agreeing with him.

he has a quote in that bit, later on, about gods and whatnot. he explains how/why he became a sun worshipper. before he does though, he makes a few comments that strike truer and truer to my heart every time i hear it.

"if this world is the best a divine creator can do, i am not impressed... i hope he leaves it off his resume... i say god is a man, because a woman could never make something this fucked up..."

why do i grow up happy and healthy, and my cousin dies a tumorous virgin who never got a mouthful from the teat of life?
chance is a hard master, and i am tired of trying to count the cards.

work is gonna suck.

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