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weekend post

Saw Hellboy this weekend. I liked it, the movie gave exactly what the previews promised. I liked it enough to see it again.

Other than that, didn't do all that much exciting stuff. I reorganized some work stuff, did some billing, got more than halfway through the deadbolt install. Went to the rent's place for a cowtastic steak dinner on Saturday, and got a ride home from my bro, who likes our new place a lot.

We dropped off 100lbs of laundry on Sat. I rigged a harness to allow me to schlep large bags of laundry around (experience from my previous time at a 5th floor walk up). However, we ended up with three bags (which is not harnessable). On the way down, we repacked the bags it so chellez could manage a light bag.

On the way to the laundromat, I was stopped by a pleasant black man as I jaywalked across 3rd ave. He calmly informed me that "They run white people over, 'round here too!" Chellez and I were also harassed by a jamacian incense seller asking us to "spend some dough in the 'hood". I think us living less than a block away helps the economy plenty, thanks.

On the way back from the laundromat yesterday, the three bags were more-or-less evenly weighted. Chellez could not manage even the lightest of these (they were ~ 30lbs apiece) so it was harness + a bag on my head. Between 116th and 117th, my harness failed when the tie on one of the bags unraveled. I got some smarted shoulders from the unfortunate byproduct of gravity + untied laundry, but luckily, nothing permanently damaged. I definitely felt it trying to get those bags up the stairs though, chellez had to horse the third bag the last flight of stairs. She was good enough to icy-hot away the soreness last night before we went to sleep. She is great. I love her so much!

Not much else to report. I am working on polishing off some older projects, as well as starting some new ones up. I have lots to do at work, but may have to scrap that to go to Atlanta. My cousin may have finally turned that last corner, though noone really knows for sure. Even if she does pass away, my family hasn't said whether they want me along or not.

I don't wanna think about this shit anymore.

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