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i am really REALLY close to burning out on technology i think.

this morning i went to check my email.
i didn't have any.
this is not a huge crisis, but it is something unusual.
i tried to ssh into my box at work, to see if maybe my forwarding stuff had locked up.
i couldn't ssh.
i couldn't get online.
I reboot the cablemodem, router, inet comes back for about a minute, then is gone again.
ok, i figure someone is pounding my webserver - i do a netstat, my box is pretty clean, the server has about 2000 open connections to chellez machine.
i check my logs, i have smtp mail coming and going all over the network.
a couple trace routes, and everything comes back to chellez box.
apparently, an app called wildtangent is not only sniffing the network like crazy, but routing mail?
i yank the box from the network - two trojans and a shitstorm later, it seems that my network has been bent over hardcore. this wildtangent thing is used for gaming of some sort. it was hacked/infected somehow, and since jvm was on the machine, it was launched, and running commands through a vhost. someone was using the box as a zombie.
once i got it off the network, and got the net back, i started researching, and checked my mail again. sure enough, some stuff started to trickle in, including a mail from my former isp, Optimum online, informing me that i was spamming, and sending infected files from my ip address, and that if the matter was not remedied immediately, they would take it up with my isp.
so, chellez has to reinstall her machine now, i want to redo my server, i am hyper-paranoid and checking my logs every 15 mins, and i have to work late tonight, so fuck knows when all of this is going to get done.
fuckin shit - i should just go back to a pocket calculator and pencils.


Apr. 7th, 2004 11:33 am (UTC)
nintendo done it
they msut be ffing with your beta waves
Apr. 7th, 2004 11:36 am (UTC)
Re: nintendo done it
i dreamed i was being chased by giant fangel Zeldas, riding marios.


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