The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers. (delascabezas) wrote,
The Son of the last of a long line of thinkers.

nuttin to report

Yanks dropped 2, won one - hopefully we will pick up another during the day today.

I spent the weekend hanging out with chellez, who is on the mend somewhat. We watched lots of tv, and I did some creative cooking, but not a whole lot else. I finished House of Leaves, and started rereading some Stephen King for some writing juice. I am going to try and pound out some serious written work this week.

Watched Yin shi nan nu, one of my favorite movies, and rewatched Kill Bill. Hopefully, I'll see the second half this week.

Someone posted this pic on one of my crypzoology communities:

Clearly, it is forced perspective, but i guess enough people get the heebie jeebies about spiders that a few exaggerated solifugae in a pic are enough to override logic. I think "camel spiders" are damn cool though, in a creepy kidna way.

More later, if anything develops.

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