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So the weekend was pretty packed.
Friday went out to dinner at Grammercy Tavern, which totally kicked ass. It was a very late night, but thuroughly worthwhile. I hoe chellez had as enjoyable and romantic a time as I did Saturday was some napping, followed by watching Van Helsing. The movie was just like The Mummy, entertaining, with moments of humor and cheese. I you go in expecting that, you walk out happy. Anything else, and all bets are off.

After the movie Sat we went to a bar to meet up with chellez old coworker (and one of her current coworkers) at a bar named Kennedy's midtown on the west side. wangch61 accompanied on the movie outing, but split shortly after getting to the bar. It has been nice to see more of him this week.

Today chellez was super productive, and we got lots done. The apartment is in stellar shape, and she was takin pics of it for her mom. I have to get in gear and get all my shit at work battened down for my upcoming vacation(s).

In other news, I finally finished the montage video of the scavenger hunt we had for twirlygurl / chellez b-days. You can d/l it here (props to grimbilfor the hosting!), but it is hugemongus, and not Mac friendly. I am working on figuring out how to make it a lil more low-bandwidth intensive, but for now, I figure that spreading it around might facilitate it just as fast as me researching it. I highly suggest scoping a copy of the list we used for the hunt, so you will have some idea what the hell is going on in the montage.

Be patient when viewing, the montage is about 10 mins long, and my first return foray into the world of video editing since 2000. Overall, I condensed 30something video clips, and over 300 pics into something thematic (I hope).

Tomorrow is Monday. I feel like Garfield about now.


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