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unlimited lives, eternal youth, and psionics

So I have been seriously neglecting my journal of late. Don't worry, more is in store.

I got back from Texas, and have had all kinds of stuff to distract me before I go on my annual fishing trip in Princeton, Maine. I was going to make a jaunt to Vermont, to hang out in the bungalow of my part-Abeanki friend, but that seems to have dried up as an option.

I like these trips - this is my 10th year going (scary, right). I just wish I liked drinking and fishing more. Both are done in such excess, that by the end of the week, I am often bored of it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy both past times, but not at the levels of intensity, or volume which many of my compatriots do. To make matters more interesting, "rain days" - days where the weather is too inclement to fish, are pretty much made up of drinking, napping, and lots of poker playing. Also fun, but not in the gauge the local ammo store carries. I think I am more of a 9mm kinda guy - they are all about the ffin .44 Mag.

At least the food is great, even if we do have to schlep up the hill to get fresh water, and boil all the dishes.

This year marks a great disturbance in the traditional party makeup. This is the 27th year that some of my kith or kin has been descending on this backwoods chunk of New England to stimulate the local economy, but this is the first year we will have any women on the spring trip. I am by no means sexist, but this has traditionally been a "guys only" kinda trip - I am curious to see how the gender bender will change things. To make matters more interesting, my cousin (the femme in question) is pretty young (13) - younger than any of us were allowed to go up as young men.

New rules for a different breed I guess. I am not complaining in the least - I am just hoping the book supply I am packing holds up to the seclusion. I usually go through about a dozen or so. One year, I went through the entirety of Brian Lumley's Necroscope series. That was productive, right?

Keeping with the early summer/new growth thing, I have recently come into a few plants. I am in the process of rehabbing an office plant that has been suffering from a lack of light, as well as attempting to transplant some spider plant shoots from chellez mom. Grow grow grow, says I. I am going to get my window box in when I get back from Maine, and get some ffin fresh herbs in the mahfah. It is definitely time.

This has been one of the best weeks of recent memory with chellez - even nicer than our vacation in some ways. We have had a couple of great conversations, and spent an evening together which I am still, in some ways, reliving. She is the greatest thing, ever (fuck sliced bread). I am gonna miss her while I am being a backwoods neadrethal. We watched the promo of Kingdom Hospital last night. Good stuff - glad we got it sans commercials though. All you local NYC folks should drop her a line and see what kinda trouble you can get her into while I am gone.

Item of recent woe:
The cable in our building keeps getting ffed. We have open roof access, which is a perk, but not when you also have an exposed cable switch, and many would-be cable thieves. Hopefully, it will be remedied today. If not, I may toss the Time Warner tech off the ffin roof.

My brother, who is coming on this year's trip, is not coming up with my father and I- that means I get to fly solo with the east coast's biggest stress ball for 10+ hours, starting ~ 4am friday morning (aka my dad). This _is_ vacation, right? Chellez keeps reassuring me that all will be ok once I am up there for a day - I hope she is right =). My bro is not set to fly in until Sunday...eee.

For those of my peeps who are lobster-loving, there will most probably be a big lobster boil on the day after our return from New England. If tradition holds, it will probably be around mid afternoon on the 20th. If you want to go - leave a tag here, I will count heads and make calls before leaving Maine. I know that is a suck day, sorry, I don't pick them, I just go along for the ride.

I have some writing ideas I need to explore. I have about a bazillion things on deadline at work by August, and three time lines have started slipping like criscoed oinkers due to NO fault of my own. I am so tired of the constant uphill in some ways. I need to nail someone like Bill Gates as a patron, and keep his good graces with mildly amusing works which take a sliver of my time.

Big personal tech projects in the air too - I wish I had more hands sometimes - almost as often at work as when chellez and I... er, uh, that.

Anyone have any more skinny on Ghost in the Shell SAC coming to some sorta Engrish network? Are the barbarians finally going to be graced with this great work of the chosen sons and daughters of the sun?

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